It all began years ago when the team behind this unique concept realised that there was a need to respect the environment even as we show our love towards it. Wg Cdr (Retd) Sudhir Krishnankutty and Col (Retd) Asheesh Istwal, both passionate adventurers and hill lovers noted that tourism in the hills has been a way for people to express their love for them, but this very love has also destroyed the delicate ecological balance of the hills. Realising the need for a change, the idea of Bayberry Adventures was formed in their minds 10 years ago.

As they traveled to remote corners of the country as part of their duty and passion, this idea and their commitment to it grew stronger. After serving their nation for 20 years they decided to finally dedicate the rest of their lives to giving shape to their dream. Using their expertise and vast experience they started ecologically sensitive and curated experiences that would help the tourist connect with the hills in their most raw and uncorrupted form while empowering the local communities.