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The Bayberry Saga



Bayberry Adventures is a company founded by Armed Forces Veterans with the aim to develop an ecologically responsible and socially sensitive model of tourism. Bayberry Adventures caters to a niche segment of adventure seekers and travelers with specially curated/customised off beat experiences, emphasising on social and cultural connect. The company is focused towards providing revenue generation opportunities for the youth and womenfolk through Adventure & Experiential Tourism.


It all began years ago when the team behind this unique concept realised that there was a need to respect the environment even as we show our love towards it. Wg Cdr Sudhir Krishnankutty and Col Asheesh Istwal, both passionate adventurers and mountain lovers noted that tourism in the hills has been a way for people to express their love for them, but this very love was destroying the delicate ecological balance of the hills. Realising the need for a change, the idea of Bayberry Adventures was formed in their minds years ago.

As they traveled to remote corners of the country as part of their duty and passion, this idea and their commitment to it grew stronger. After serving their nation for over 20 years they decided to finally dedicate the rest of their lives to giving shape to their dream.


Bayberry Adventures aims to integrate & empower the local communities, in the hill tracts of Uttarakhand. Our focus is towards enhancing our client’s awareness towards Responsible Tourism by maintaining a strong ecological flavour with total commitment towards protection of the environment. By involving our guests in our various ecologically and socially beneficial endeavours, we intend to make the holiday of a discerning traveller an unparalleled experience, with minimal ecological footprint.



We are passionate Green Crusaders & strong supporters of Sustainable Travel.


We believe that traveling molds one's character and the only thing that one must leave at a destination are one's footprints while only memories are carried away.

While partnering us in our odyssey you shall be helping us in our humble efforts to make the world a better place for our children.


After all as it is said …


“We do not do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”


Team Bayberry Adventures

‘Memories that last’!



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Meet our Team

Wing Commander Sudhir Kutty

An experienced Mountaineer who has led/ participated in several successful expeditions including to Mt Everest.

Ms Anjilee Istwal

Journalist with a passion for travel and Mother Earth. A champion for all things sustainable and handcrafted. Social media ninja and digital content creator.

Colonel Asheesh Istwal

Team Member
Ex Army Officer, a Qualified Open Water Diver, Water Sports and Mountain Lover. He is a Fitness Enthusiast, travelling and exploring Himalayas.

Kiran Chand

Having spent more than a decade in the tourism industry as a Tour Manager/Guide, he holds a Masters in Tourism and is also exponent of yoga and spiritualism.

Mahabir Rana

Mountaineering Expert
Mahabir is an experienced mountaineer and guide and is the owner of a boutique property at Joshimath which is the base of Bayberry's operations in that sector


Tour Guide & Naturalist
Bhuvanesh is our expert Tour Guide with in-depth knowlege of the flora in the Valley of Flowers region

Colonel Trilok Sharma

A true-blue infantry officer who transitioned effortlessly from leading counter terrorism operations to leading successful teams in hospitality.