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Himalayan Heaven : Preserving Nature, Embracing Heritage

*An awarded property owned & managed by Indian Military Veterans.

At just 08 hrs drive from NCR, 'The Goat Village' is a perfect weekend getaway offering a mix of mesmerising vistas, intimate connect with nature, day long adventure hikes, traditional local hospitality & scrumptious local delicacies.

Built on the foundations of sustainability & environmental consciousness, this unique project was born out of the idea of promoting sustainable tourism practices while supporting the local community & respecting the environment. A himalayan heaven near Nag Tibba, Mussoorie 'The Goat Village' is the perfect place to experience Garhwali authenticity, support the local community, and embrace hill traditions at 7700 feet.




The Goat Village (TGV) was originally established in 2016 to nurture the hill traditions and create a symbiotic relationship between tourism, culture, and nature. We were recognised for our efforts by the prestigious Outlook Traveller Indian Responsible Tourism Award for ‘BEST EARTH-FRIENDLY STAY’ in year 2019. We are also winners of internationally acclaimed and recognised World Responsible Tourism Award for ‘BEST FOR BENEFITING LOCAL PEOPLE’ category for the year 2019.

With all these accolades under our belt, our journey was brought to a grinding halt by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the challenges, the indomitable spirit of ‘The Goat Village’ persevered. Rising from the ashes, we rebuilt our foundation of community development and sustainable travel. Led by a group of defence veterans passionate about eco-travel, we invite you to once again experience the authentic Himalayan way of life.





Nestled near Mussoorie, Nag Tibba is a hidden gem for trekkers, offering a remarkable weekend adventure from Delhi. This trail presents a perfect opportunity to traverse enchanting forests, ascend up to 10,000 feet, witness snow-capped mountains, and camp under a canopy of starry skies. The trek from The Goat Village to Nag Tibba Summit (9915 ft) via Nag-Tibba Base (8530 ft) spans a distance of 5 km. The ascent takes approximately 4 hours, with an additional 2 hours for the descent, depending on one’s fitness level. The route primarily entails a leisurely walk, with a brief, 10-minute steep ascent in between. It is the perfect getaway for those who avoid over exposed and over commercialised hill stations and treks.



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