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Experience the unadulterated lifestyle & warm hospitality of a Garhwali family in a simple, warm & unpretentious home-stay in the Himalayas. ‘The Isoti Adventure’ offers a unique mix of roaming over scenic mountains enmeshed with a rich rural-cultural experience & an opportunity to enjoy the true Pahadi Hospitality while relishing local Pahadi delicacies.


The Experience

A simple, warm & unpretentious home-stay in the Himalayas with a Garhwali family. Experience their unadulterated lifestyle & warm hospitality. Reside in an over 400 year old dwelling used by more than seven generations. The dwelling has been minimally altered over generations & bears the hallmark of original local architecture.


Isoti isn’t endowed with the trappings of an urban, modern life but the spartan minimalism & simplicity of existence here offers a fresh perspective into oneself. Also by staying at Isoti you shall be patrons to a family with limited means & your contributions shall help bolster the education of the family’s children.


Isoti offers a true peek into its humble & rustic lifestyle while you live as the locals do. Live as a family guest & partake in the lives of gentle village folk who shall win you over with their innocence, simplicity & earthly wisdom . Enjoy the abundance of natural splendor all around while you Eat, Drink & Breathe nothing but fresh & natural.


Activities at Isoti

  • Sunset viewing from above the village or the sunset point a short walk away.

  • Star trail in the background of some very scenic vistas.

  • Village walk to meet the locals and understand their way of life.

  • Trekking/Hiking to Ameli Ka Danda & Dhaknayali Dhoongi (The rockthat wobbles) via an ancient Rhododendron & Silver Oak lined trail.

  • Camping on the trail at the picturesque Dandi Dhar.

  • Farming experience while assisting the locals in their fields as they go about their routine agricultural chores (Ploughing, Sowing, Weeding, etc.)

  • Cattle/ Goat rearing help the villagers in rearing of domestic animals.

  • Volunteering with the Non Profit, Dagdiya Foundation which is actively working towards women empowerment & youth moblisation.



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